Let me find you in the ruins that you throw yourself into,

Let me find you into the shackles you have to build yourself into,

Let me be your tag team partner.

Let me be the insane to your sane,

Let me be the sinner to your Saint,

Let me be me.

Let yourself be you.

In a world full of possibilities,

Let us be the misfits,

Let us be the rebels.

As it goes,

“To the hearts that break,

To the mess we make.”

Let us be.

Let us be the revolution.


If only.


A four letter word.

So simple it seems.

So easy it looks.

So full of colours, vibrant and dreamy.

A moment or a lifetime?

If the lovers could ever differentiate. Sigh.


A four letter word.

So cruel it seems.

So dangerous it looks.

So full of grey skies, hiding a storm within.

Ask someone who lost in the same.

Dead sea. Desert. Drought or flood?

If the heartbroken could differentiate. Sigh.

A rainbow so bright,

Dull light,

Or a dark room full of fright?

I can’t differentiate.


A four letter word.

If only I knew what it meant.


// Silence

It’s dark, outside.
Tell my demons to stop lurking around.
It’s heavy,
Tell my demons to let me give in to trust once more.
It’s going to go to rust,
Tell my demons to let me have peace for sometime.
Eyes, don’t look me in the eyes,
My demons rush out like hurricane,
I’m trying to contain.

It’s dark outside,
But even if they don’t let me,
I’ll keep on believing in the rise of sun!


Where do you belong?
In the arms of a those who loves you more than life,
Or in four walls, wrecking you in your bones?
Or in the memories, where you felt safe the most?

Where do you belong?
To the sunset that you watch every day,
Or to the sky you lay down under?
Or in the dreams, where you are happy and content?

Or you just ponder,
If you’ll ever fit in?
Ever fit in this hysteria?
Ever fit in the mystery of humankind?
Ever fit with another,
Mind, body, soul?

I’m a nomad,
Running town to town.
Running around like the wind,
Trying hard to find somewhere to settle down.
Don’t give me a home,
Let me rent your heart.
Give me that shoulder to rest on.
Let me run wild,
I swear I’ll come back,
Nothing will stop,
No wonder, no might.
Let me run away,
Let me disappear from time to time,
Trust me.
Trust me.
I’ll come back.


Wondering, wandering,
What does it feel like?
Deep down in the heart,
The nomad in me,
Found one somewhere.
The child in me,
It rose back again.
The smile, it came back,
The heart, it sprung leaps and bounds.
The sun and moon appeared brighter,
The nomad in me, found a home.
And then as destiny would have,
I lost it too.
Now the rains hit harder,
The sun consoles with the whispers of wind.
The moon sees that I’m isolated no more.
But how can you lose a home?
I ask myself everyday.
Too afraid to open the story back again,
If I could, I would run back to you, wouldn’t I?
The nomad in me found home somewhere.
But who knows, will it ever find it again?

Fact & fiction.

Some days, you just love.
You just love without thinking.
And other days, you love without feeling.
It’s a loop.
It’s a vicious loop.
Some days Serendipity,
Some days you think if you’ll even make it.
Some days carefree,
Some days careless.
Some days Heartbreaker,
Other times heartbroken.

Different shades of life,
While we are still stuck on fifty shades of grey.

Some days, loud and chirpy,
Some days you wish earth gets stuck by a new plague.
It’s a nasty mind.
It’s a nasty crime.
Underestimate. Overestimate.
Maybe living in extremes,
Maybe that’s what we are meant to do.

Black and White,
That’s all that ever existed.
You & I,
That’s just a fiction I play in my mind.
But illusions.
Maybe one day,
Maybe one day,
I’ll pour it all on paper.
Give it a life,
But have it under a different paranthesis.
After all, facts and fictions do exist side by side.

No complaints, no demands!

“I don’t do good with words.

I mess up when I need to tell what matters. I’ll be in front of you, bouncing my leg like a 5 year old who was guilty of sneaking in on a chocolate cake which his mother told him not to. My head will be low and I can’t even look you in the eyes.

I’ll run away knowing I’m not capable of holding that attention for longer than it takes to shuffle a song.

I run away, I run faster than any planes and cars when I smell conflict. I don’t like loud voices or screams or accusations. They tear my heart away.

I’m worst when it comes to phone calls. I’ll not pick the ring but I’ll text you. And I would never lead the way to talk to you.

All I can do is I’ll drive, I’ll drive you afar. Far away from all those worries and we’ll just sit in silence like nothing in the world matters right now other than the setting sun in front of us.

Then, i’ll take your hand and lead you to the roof. Play some music. A bottle of wine and a pizza. Voila!

Under the stars, talk to me. Talk all your worries away. I’ve a huge appetite for words that aren’t my own.

And I won’t judge. Who am I to judge when I’m a fucked up human as well? Talk. Or don’t. You’ll have my company.

Feeling sad or low? Call me. I’ll listen your worries away. If I can’t, I will make you laugh. I know a joke or two. Most of them will be bad and you are free to kill me for that.

I’ll send you songs I feel you’ll like or just spam you with links of your favorite artists or astrophysics or things that you like.

I don’t have much to offer. I just have my understanding to offer.

To know you and to empathise and when I can’t, just be there, a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen. ”

” I think that’s all I need. No complaints, no demands. “